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A Dream Unicorn

No matter the age, I think anybody who loves horses, dream of the mystical creature, the unicorn. When Ashley Schuetz contacted me wanting to turn her beautiful boy, Vinnie, into a unicorn for a special photoshoot, I jumped at the opportunity. I love love love non-traditional type photoshoots. I love bringing my client's vision to art through photographs! Together with Ashley's mom, Joyce, I created their dream photos! We also ended with a few family portraits as well.

So if you have an idea, if you want to dress up, or if you want traditional photos, I am ready to create what you have in mind to decorate your home, stable or living quarters!

White unicorn on white background with quote
Unicorn - Pittsburgh Equine Photographer

Woman in a princess dress with her horse as a unicorn
Ashley and her beautiful unicorn. - Pittsburgh Equine Photographer

Pretty woman sitting in a field with her horse as a unicorn
Ashley sitting in a meadow with her unicorn - Pittsburgh Equine Photographer

beautiful woman laying on a white unicorn in a pink dress
Ashley and her unicorn.

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