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My 2024 Senior Rep, Kahlen

Every year I take on two Senior Reps for Roam Photos. Kahlen Burns was one of those selected. She will be graduating from Minerva High School this June.

Cowgirl leaning against rodeo chutes

High School senior sitting in a chair outside

Kahlen will be attending Ohio State ATI to major in agribusiness. 

High school senior squatting down next to her horse.
Kahlen and her horse

She is the President of the Minerva FFA Chapter. Kahlen comments about why FFA has been so important to her:

"Being part of FFA has given me a lot of opportunities and allowed me to meet a lot of new people.  I have attended the National FFA Convention a couple times where I got to meet other FFA members from across the country.  I received my State FFA Degree, the second highest degree available to FFA members, through leadership positions, doing community service, and participating in Career Development Events."

High School Senior with her FFA jacket
FFA Minerva President

I asked Kahlen what her career inspirations are:

"I was headed down the veterinary track, but I decided it was not for me.  I know that I want to be involved in the agriculture industry, specifically the equine side of things, but I am still narrowing down what I want to do.  I am hoping that by obtaining a degree that can be used in many different career paths I will be able to find a job that I really enjoy. "

Cowgirl silhouette kissing her horse.
Silhouette Kiss

Cowgirl with her horse.
Kahlen and her horse.

What events do you compete in with your horses?  Do you plan to continue these events once in college?

"I compete in goat tying (my favorite!) with my horse Diesel, barrels and poles with my other horse Boaz, and breakaway on a friend's horse.  I plan on competing in some rodeo circuits and jackpots while I'm in college.  I am really sad that I only have a few more rodeos where I get to tie goats, but I am excited to focus on barrels with my young horse, Boaz.  Eventually I hope to get a breakaway horse of my own to compete on."

cowgirl leaning on a chair with her horses grazing nearby.
Both of her horses.

Silhouette of cowgirl holding both of her horses.
Silhouette Cowgirl

cowgirl standing in a pretty field with fall leaves holding both of her horses.
Kahlen with both of her horses.

Cowgirl holding both of her horses

Where do you see yourself living after graduating college?

"Ideally, I would like to move somewhere out west where I can have a barn big enough for all my horses.  I think that I would be able to find a career that aligns with my interests a little better somewhere other than NE Ohio where the agriculture industry is a little more prominent."

If you would like to become one of my 2025 Senior Reps, please email me at

The first requirement is to have booked a Senior Session with me.

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