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A Dog's Good Life

Sometimes when you're feeling sad, when all you want is me, I softly sit and gently put my head upon your knee. Some nights when your heart does ache, worn out by tears you weep, I quietly lie beside your bed and guard you as you sleep. Somewhere far beyond this place, a land where all run free, I'm calmly watching over you, and waiting patiently. Someday when the time is right, your voice will call to me, and I'll come running like the wind, Someday....wait and see.

Unfortunately we can’t have our 4 legged loved ones forever. Capturing them with photographs is the perfect way to hold them close to remember every detail of their being, long after they are gone. My friend, Abby Parsons, told me her husband's pup, Codi had been fighting cancer, and she wanted to take a night to create beautiful images of their beautiful girl. These type of sessions I call "Remember Sessions". These are for terminally ill 4 legged family members, to celebrate a life well lived.

Pretty blue heeler

No doubt I could see how much this family loved their precious dog.

Little girl hugging her dog.
Audrey hugging Codi

Codi certainly loves her dad too. Playing ball, doing barn chores, and just hanging out together is something they both loved.

I have no doubt, that this little girl lived a full life of love with her family and will surely be missed once she crosses rainbow bridge. I am glad that I was able to capture her beautiful soul through photos for her family until they meet again.

Cowboy and dog silouette
It's not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters.

After we had fun with Codi, the girls, Audrey and Elena got the ponies out for a few photos.

Little girl hugging her pony

Well, Elena actually was just happy cruising around on her own in her patriotic dress and cute little boots.

Little girl in cowboy boots and patriotic dress in yard.
Patriotic Elena

Seeing Audrey with the ponies, brought me back to the care-free days of being a kid and the hours upon hours of spending time in the barn and on the trails with my own.

Little girl laying on her pony while giving her a hug
Audrey & Susie Q

Soon, I will be offering Mini Sessions with Susie Q for kids who love ponies but may not have one of their own. Stay tuned for more details! Susie Q is practicing her smile for these sessions as well!

Little girl leading a pony with a smile.
Audrey with Susie Q

If you would like to book a Roam Photos session for your horse or pet , click here or give me a call at

724-272-3351. For more information on a Roam Photos session, visit the Investment page on the menu. Make sure you also sign up to be a Roam Photos VIP to receive all the exciting news of Roam Photos, Model Calls and Specials!

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