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Childhood Horse

Alot of us that own horses today, will always remember our childhood horses. Some of us are lucky enough to still have these horses in our lives today. If you are lucky enough to still have these wonderful horses, getting portraits with your heart horse is a must! That is exactly what Katie did with her childhood horse, Hot Rod! Hot Rod is now in his 20's and Katie wanted to make sure she captured the love they have for each other.

Beautiful woman laying on her horse
Katie laying on Hot Rod

woman on horse while he eats grass
Katie on Hot Rod

Woman looking up at her horse smiling
That connection.

Couple standing with horse and dogs
Katie, Jason, Hot Rod, Riggins and Bruce

Woman hugging her horse
Katie hugging Hot Rod

Woman standing beside her horse smiling at him.
The love they share

Woman standing by her horse with head on his mane
A beautiful pair

A woman standing by horse smiling at him

A couple hugging standing next to horse

If you would like to book your own session with your heart horse, please email me at for my availability.

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