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Xena, the Bloodhound Pup-Pittsburgh Pet Photographer

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

When I first heard that my good friend, Melissa McCorkle was getting a bloodhound foster pup, I was super excited. I've always been intrigued by Bloodhounds, and actually did some research on the breed when I was looking into Search & Rescue, as I thought this was the breed of dog I would need. I never ended up getting a Bloodhound, as further researched revealed that the breed I was most familiar with, the Border Collie, actually did quite well in the SAR field.

I had messaged Melissa, asking if Steel City Dog Rescue would want some photos of Xena to help get her a forever home. Well, low and behold, Xena was no longer a "foster", she was now part of the McCorkle family! This spunky, adorable 16 week old pup tugged at the McCorkle family hearts, so they filled out their adoption paperwork and will now have the best home a pup could ever have!

The McCorkle family won two spots on the first Roam Photos Calendar benefitting Dreaming of Three. For Xena, I felt that a perfect spot would be at the Hookstown Fairgrounds Historic Village. The beautiful tones of the aged wood, the log cabin along with Xena's beautiful color were simply perfect.

Xena is already coming along with her obedience, thanks to Melissa. For a puppy, she actually was quite calm and well behaved.

Xena will be training and competing in AKC Barn Hunt and also training for trailing for hunters.

After a few portraits, we decided we'd let Xena let those big beautiful ears fly!

No doubt, I came away from my time with Xena, with a whole new love for Bloodhounds! I can not wait to see what the future holds for this adorable girl! Be sure to check out the Roam Photos 2021 Calendar at the end of the year to see which image the McCorkles choose for Xena's Calendar Girl month!

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