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Remembrance Sessions

Remembrance Sessions are to celebrate the life and the love and bond you have with your beloved pet or horse as you prepare them to cross the Rainbow Bridge. These types of sessions are never easy but will be treasured heirlooms for you and your family.

I have done only two sessions like this. One was, Schnitzel, who was such a big, sweet boy that you can tell his people loved him very much.

The other was of my mom's dog, Sassy. Sassy is blind now, can hardly hear and is getting up there in age. I wanted to make sure we captured a few images of her with my mom before she crossed.

If you would like more information on Remembrance Sessions, please email me at These sessions are discounted from my normal sessions.

Rottweiler Dog

Woman hugging her Rottweiler dog
Schnitzel and his mom, Melissa

Woman kissing her dog, silhouetted in door
Schnitzel and his mom, Melissa

Husband and wife posing with their ill dog
Schnitzel and his family

Final kisses.

Older woman sitting in grass holding her dog
My mom and her aging dog, Sassy

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