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New Life in Spring

With Spring, comes foaling season! It's my favorite time of year on social media with everybody posting their new foals! All colors, and always those adorable little fuzzy manes and tails and noses! I decided that folks NEED to have beautiful portraits of these cuties as I know for myself, I would have love to have baby pictures of my 22 year old retired barrel mare. I wanted to create an affordable mini session for the folks with foals and Tiffany Cooper was one of the first to take advantage of this offer.

Meet Hazen! This cutie's dam is Tiffany's awesome barrel mare, Missy. Having a foal born on her farm was on Tiffany's "bucket list". (Which by the way, is beautiful! Such amazing views at their farm. ) The dam is Jam Packed with Easily Smashed, Streaking Six and Dash for Cash. Tiffany and Missy previously ran with IBRA then moved onto rodeos where her mare won her two buckles , numerous paychecks and 1D placings. The Sire is Frenchman Fly.

Baby hose foal in field

Tiffany told me that the sire is a grey, and typically his foals are born dark like Hazen, then turn grey over time! So it will be so exciting to see what color she ends up!

Baby horse foal
Hello there Hazen

Hazen was such a personable little girl too. She seemed to love attention. This is exactly the reason I love doing "Foal Sessions", as the cuddles from these little fuzzy nuggets!

Foal visiting with owners.
Getting a little attention

She certainly knew how to use those long legs too!

Foal scratching her ear
A little scratch

I am so glad that Tiffany was able to check this sweet little foal off her "bucket list", as I have to say, it's my favorite "bucket list" item I've seen thus far!

Baby horse foal standing in field

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