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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Throughout the year, I have a few favorite models who I call upon when I have ideas, want to showcase some of my Client Closet outfits, or simply test ideas! Cheyenne and the Hoppel Farms horses are always accommodating and beautifully perfect! I had fun testing out some of my ideas for my drone as well!

woman on horse going around a barrel in snow shot from above.
Barrel Racing shot with drone.

woman in native american headress sitting on horse on a hill

Cowgirl looking off into the distance leaning on her horse.
Chey and Joecee

Cowgirl looking away with her horse.
One of my all time favorite images!

Cowgirl smiling at her horse.
Can you tell these two like each other?

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Julie Hoppel
Julie Hoppel
Jan 07, 2022

I may be a bit biased .... however, Cheyenne and JJ Joecee Drifter are the most photogenic beauties ever! Thank you Roam Photos for capturing on camera the amazing subjects I get to see daily.

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