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Dramatic Times Dramatic Photoshoot

I can imagine most of you are stuck at home, watching all the craziness in the World right now. It seems a bit surreal at the moment, but we are hanging in there. I am using the time to think of more ways to improve my photography business, update my website, do much needed home projects we have put off due to busy lives, such as repainting our bedroom! I have no doubt that we will come through this stronger as a community and country and with stronger family bonds.

Right before the heavy lock downs happened, several of us photographers got together for an "apocalyptic" photoshoot with our kids. Looking at these now, I am glad we took the time to do these. They will have these photographic mementos of these times forever. To tell the story long after I am gone, when they tell their grandchildren all about the COVID-19 Virus that had the country in shut down.

Teenagers with Doberman Dog

I called a friend of mine, Kim Grimm, that has a Doberman, Roxy, that to me fit the look more than my fluffy Border Collie, Oakley! I think Roxy knew exactly the look we were going for and posed accordingly!

Apocalyptic Male & Female with Doberman Dog

Some have told me these look like the cover of a book or album! I think I will give the kids the project of writing that book while they have this time at home.

We also had Oakley & Maiya for the cute photos with Eliza.

I do believe Eliza's mom, Ashley, may have to get Eliza a puppy real soon!

Border Collie with cute little girl

We then brought out the smoke bombs! These are great to create some dramatic images and fun to work with in photography.

Several days later, it was time to include horses in the darker, apocalyptic type photoshoot! So we headed over to Hoppel Farms!

Madi with black mare and helmet/shield

We used one of their black broodmares and Madi Gaso was the perfect model!

Young girl looking serious with black mare.

We were of course looking for that serious look, but Madi did break out in a smile here and there. I know these images will also be wonderful mementos of this time in our history for Madi.

Madi smiling with black mare

Last but not least, we did "A Shot Above" image from the balcony! I love including these in my sessions, as it gives just a little bit of a different perspective than the norm. I can use a balcony, loft or ladder.

A Shot Above of girl on horse.

All in all these images may be a little darker than what I would normally do, but I am so glad I had the opportunity together with a few friends to do these for the kids. This is a time in history that none of us will every forget. I am sure that for generations to come, these images will have meaning to those telling the story of the COVID-19 virus of 2020!

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