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Dirt Road Leather

Being in the horse world for over 40+ years, has allowed me to make amazing long time friends. One of which, is my long time friend, Carol Ann Ritter. We first met when we both had our Junior Horses back in the day of the Buckeye Barrel Racing Association We were competitors most weekends, but always had a great time together. To this day, I still have a halter that Carol bought me after I was one hole out of getting awards that year. She wanted to give me something for Sis and I, as we were right there with everybody all year and ended up 6th. To me, that halter is worth more to me than any other award I've won throughout my barrel racing life.

Like myself and my photography, Carol has taken her hobby of leather working and started a wonderful small business, Dirt Road Leather! I even helped create her logo! She creates beautiful custom handmade belts and I had the opportunity to help her create a few images for her Facebook page as well as some Mother/Daughter photos for her home and some family shots. To top it off, our husband's jabbered during the whole session and fishing buddies were born! I can't wait to go camping with them again this summer!


Kelsey & Carol

Family Photo


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