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Beautiful Sisters & Beautiful Horses

I had the pleasure of going to my friend, Marla Humberston, farm and meeting all three of her beautiful daughters in September. (I know, I'm a little behind in my blog posts. Fall sessions had me swamped and editing 24/7 it seemed!) I also got to meet some of Thai's colts! (stud that I photographed in January of 2020 in Texas!) It was a beautiful night and so good to spend an evening with friends.

Beautiful cowgirl and palomino horse
Tess & Streaker
cowgirl sitting in the grass with her horse.
Enjoying a summer evening while Streaker grazes.

Little cowgirl walking her horse in a field.
Lexi & Shugi
Little cowgirl sitting backwards on her horse.

a young girl hugging her horse's head closing their eyes.

Beautiful cowgirl in shorts and boots standing by her horse.
Koti & Z

Portrait of a young girl with a horse.

Girl sitting in the grass while her horse grazes.
Summer days

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