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Barn Mini Sessions

Throughout the year, I offer barns where there are multiple riders and horse owners the opportunity to have mini sessions. These sessions are shortened to 20 minutes. They include two images with the opportunity to purchase more ala carte. One of my first Barn Sessions of 2021 was with Sarah Edwards and her students. If you are interested in having me come to your facility for Barn Mini Sessions, please reach out to me at

We had quite the snowy day for these back in January,2021.

Mother and daughter walking horses in the snow.

Cowgirl walking in a snow storm with her bay horse
Christen and Sophie

Reece and Stretch

Blonde haired girl smiling at her beautiful horse
Carlie and Faith

Dark haired woman hugging her buckskin horse
Kari and Mickey

Woman cheek to cheek with her buckskin horse
Sarah and Mickey

woman hugging her horse with eyes closed
MacKenzie and Cross

Little girl in snow storm posing with a pony in pink fur hooded jacket
Emma and Stretch

Little girl in fur hooded coat cheek to cheek with her pony
Carly and Stretch

Young lady with her horse standing in snow storm
Claire and Gus

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