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A Trick Riding Cowgirl!

Over the quarantine, I had decided to do a photoshoot giveaway! The winner of the giveaway was Tracie Lee Spitznogle, who is a trick rider! I was super excited to get to photograph such a beautiful girl with such talent! We had a great time as she showed me all her trick riding skills! We even got her boyfriend, Mason Penland into the photographs as well!

Beautiful girl hanging off side of her horse trick riding
Tracie doing one of her tricks!

Beautiful girl standing on her running horse.
Standing up on running horse!

Beautiful girl hanging off side of horse.
Running inches from my lens!

Beautiful woman with her horse.
Tracie with one of her colts.

Beautiful hugging her horse

Horse looking over owners shoulder
Peek a boo!

Man with woman on his back smiling
Tracie and Mason piggy back

Woman and man sitting in grassing romantically

Girl lying in grass with her dogs.
Tracie with her pups

Man and woman standing with their horses
Old time photo look.

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