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A Cowgirl With Two Guns

Cowgirl pointing two guns at the camera.
Two barrels right at ya!

When my friend, Misty, reached out to me for a session with her family, I was pumped! Misty competes in mounted shooting, so I knew we were going to get creative!

Cowgirl on a horse shooting right at camera.
Mounted shooting!

Not long ago out in Montana I had herds of horses running straight at my camera, a herd of cattle, and this time, I had a couple guns pointed right at my lens! I LOVED it!

Misty mentioned to me a certain look for her photos as we were photographing her family on her husband, Adam's, grandparents house that is right on their farm! The farm had been in his family for generations. They wanted to incorporate a photo of his grandparents in the image but wanted it to look like an old, antique image.

Family holding great grandparents photo on their old farm house.
Waylo Farms - McAnlis Family

We even incorporated the old family tractor!

Cowboy on an old tractor.
The family old tractor!

Then the boys got to show off their skills in the arena, but we still kept with Misty's theme of "antique" photo!

Even as Misty changed we grabbed a cute shot!

Cowboy taking off his cowgirl's boot.
A gentleman.

And of course, when a client has an idea, I bring it to my camera! It was a great way to end Misty's session!

Woman on a horse shooting a bow and arrow.
Shooting a bow and arrow!

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