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A Beautiful Cowgirl with a Beautiful Soul

Last November, I met a beautiful cowgirl, Elaine Kelley. I had set up at a local barrel race where I had a Holiday portrait mini session area for the contestants. Elaine quickly grabbed my attention as she had her cute tiny pup, Winny, in a purse! Anybody that loves their dog so much, I know we will get along.

Beautiful cowgirl with her dog
Elaine & Winny

Elaine is a fellow barrel racer that competes at SEBRA rodeos, Bull Ride Mania and also Penn Ohio and IBRA shows. Her list of accomplishments are huge!

2011 Cowboy Up Youth Rodeo 1-D Pole Bending Champion

2013 1-D Pole Bending Champion Armstrong’s Arena

2013 Friday Night Lights Series Champion

2013 Bullride Mania Barrel Racing Reserve Champion

2014 Bullride Mania Barrel Racing Iron Maiden

2014 IBRA National Finals Qualifier

2015/2016 Sundance Arena Winter Series Barrel Racing Reserve Champion

2018 Bullridemania Barrel Racing High Money Earner

2019 POBRA Open Barrels 2-D Top 5

2019 POBRA Adult Barrels Top 5

2019 POBRA Open Poles Top 5

2020 Arena Record Willow Creek Stables

Pretty cowgirl and her horse
Elaine and Padamay

Elaine is also an Equine Nasal Strip Ambassador.

Beautiful woman with her horse
Elaine and Pandy

Beautiful woman hugging her horse
Elaine and Pandy

Her horses were simply beautiful. Elaine made my job easy, as she was a natural and comfortable in front of my lens. I was able to see how much she loved her horses and the bond that they share. It is my favorite part of my job, seeing those connections.

Beautiful woman kissing her horse
Elaine kissing Pandy

We did a few wardrobe changes, which I loved Elaine's colorful style! I always send a "Session Planning Guide", that states neutral colors as only a suggestion to my clients when they prepare their outfits for the shoot. Elaine was worried as she had more colorful clothes. I want my clients to be themselves over anything and I feel her colorful style was just perfect!

Beautiful cowgirl riding bareback on her horse
Elaine and Pandy with her striking red attire.

Beautiful cowgirl on Arabian horse
Elaine and Padamay

She brought out a beautiful cremello, Hollywood Freckle, to join the fun as well!

Woman and horse
Elaine and Hollywood Freckle

His eyes were so unique!

Woman standing with horse.
Elaine and Hollywood Freckle

Of course, we had to get Winny in more of the photos as well!

Elaine's boyfriend, Jon O'Neil (otherwise known as my assistant for the shoot, using my "ear getter uppers"), also got in a few shots

Attractive couple sitting in grass with their small dog.
Elaine and Jon

Man kissing cowgirl while she is holding her horse.
Jon kissing Elaine

I have a few prompts that I like to use with couples to get those natural smiles together. (but I'll keep those secret for now, so that I don't ruin the fun with other clients).

I love every one of Elaine's images! I couldn't be more excited to share them all with her!

Cowgirl sitting in grass with horse.
Elaine sitting in grass with Padamay

Cowgirl sitting in grass with beautiful horse
Elaine in grass with Hollywood Freckle

If you would like to book a Roam Photos session for your horse or pet , click here or give me a call at

724-272-3351. For more information on a Roam Photos session, visit the Investment page on the menu. Make sure you also sign up to be a Roam Photos VIP to receive all the exciting news of Roam Photos, Model Calls and Specials!

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