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Meet Ruby, the Therapets therapy dog!

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

rough collie dog in pittsburgh
Ruby on Roberto Clemente Bridge Pittsburgh

I had the pleasure of photography this sweet girl a month ago! Regina, Ruby's mom, is one of my fellow Therapets dog handler at Animal Friends. Ruby is such a sweet girl, and the bond between her and her mom, Regina was so sweet that I couldn't help myself capturing some of their sweet moments along the shoot. You can certainly understand why Ruby is a wonderful Therapy Dog!

Dog loving woman owner
Regina and Ruby

Ruby is 6 years old. Regina got her from a rescue in Ohio when she was a few months old ; Regina states, "Probably a Christmas gift that was returned is what they told me." "She has a lot of personality, so it became easy to understand if you were not patient, up to training and didn’t mind being “herded” a little bit, she wasn’t the dog for you! Luckily, she was easy to train, very motivated and quickly transformed into a calm, loving, eager to please girl. ", says Regina.

Three years ago she became a certified therapy dog. She regularly volunteers at The Haven at North Hills and ReMed Recovery Care Centers. She is not afraid to put her long snout wherever it needs to go! She has a way of looking right into people’s eyes and sharing with them the feeling of love they often do not receive. She’s rewarded lavishly for her work, often enjoying a Starbucks puppuccino on the way home.

When she’s not busy working, she loves playing outside and socializing with neighbors. She is a people watcher and no one makes a move without her knowing! She adores her pet lamb and insists that her blanket and pillow are arrange just right for her to nestle on the couch. She loves to cuddle and watch tv at night at night - taking breaks for treats as often as she can be given them!

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